“One-Stop” Multi-Management Tool!

“One-Stop” Multi-Management Tool!

“I am truly excited about the new platform and the performance of the online Musician’s Atlas. I have been in the Music Industry for over 14 years and have not seen anything like this in terms of a complete ‘one-stop’ multi-management tool. Finally! A tool geared to target and increase your fan base along with a strong and complete database. I was extremely pleased to find current emails, contacts, and administrative functions that set up a complete online management platform; all at a ‘push of a button.’ I use the Atlas Online tool in my music industry courses in which my students were overwhelmed with the functionality and performance.

C. Michael Brae
CEO/Chairman – Hitman Records, Inc – MP4Player
Adjunct Professor: various universities

Most Accurate in the Industry!

Most Accurate in the Industry!

I’ve tried other directories in the past, nothing comes close! The Atlas is by far the most comprehensive directory out there. The breakdown of categories and regions makes listings easy to find. Last year, we lost a gig in Chicago and I was able to make a couple quick calls and rebook at another club locally. It was amazing! No wasted time, money or effort!

Every musician needs the Atlas… Blast emails to press, radio campaigns, you name it they’ve got it in there. I would recommend this resource to anyone in this ever-changing industry!”

T. McMillan (Memphis, TN)

A Must-Have For Touring Musicians!

A Must-Have For Touring Musicians!

“My company currently handles booking for touring bands, and the contact information is among the best you can find anywhere. They supply you with not only a name and number for the venues, but you also get important information like capacity, stage size, genres of music they book and names of people that can actually get your bands booked. I highly recommend this to anyone in the business who is touring or looking to tour. They also provide information for record labels, distribution, radio stations, and publications to help promote and market your product.”

Eric D. Hunter II (Fort Worth, TX)

The Absolute Best Music Contact Reference!!!

The Absolute Best Music Contact Reference!!!

“I’ve set up an entire 5-month tour across the US using this. Unlike other contact directories, the Atlas gives you all the important info (and then some) and is highly accurate. I used to waste so much time searching around the internet only to run into closed clubs and businesses or wrong numbers. They also have contacts for radio stations, labels (if you’re into that), basically you name it!
This is a must if you’re in the industry.”

Steve Slice (Boston, MA)



“A must have for anyone working in the music business, whether you’re “in the band” or working with or for the band, etc.
I have successfully found the people who are now working to make my dreams a reality. I’ve found my manager, label, etc. Awesome information and worth every penny.”

Ivy Raye (Atlanta, GA)

The Musician’s Work Clothes

The Musician’s Work Clothes

“So, Ben Franklin once said ‘motivation is when your dreams put on work clothes’ and for any musician trying to DIT (‘do it themselves’) the atlas is a fantastic resource (and those work clothes). It’s super up-to-date and easy to navigate. Now I’m hooked. It’s like Google for the music industry.”

A. Donald Funtana (South Hadley, MA)

The Rand McNally for Musicians

The Rand McNally for Musicians

“Don’t underestimate the importance of networking! Need some leads? Then this is for you – over 15,000 American and international contacts.”

Portia Vellum (AnotherCompany, Wisconsin, USA)

Love Your Atlas

Love Your Atlas

“It is truly the most thorough resource of its kind that I’ve ever seen.”

Arthur Moore (President, MPSOL)

Incredibly Comprehensive Guide

Incredibly Comprehensive Guide

“The Musician’s Atlas is short on storytelling and long on listing the kinds of resources that can help guide newcomers and old pros alike through the ins and outs of the biz. This incredibly comprehensive guide includes the kinds of information bands just gotta have.”

Gig Magazine

“One of my favorite functions is the college radio section, which lists the CMJ reporting stations with addresses, phone numbers, music directors & program directors numbers, music days and hours. My classes use this function which is very helpful in their college radio campaigns. It is very hard, not to mention pricey to obtain a (current) database of CMJ reporting stations, to say the least. Having this tool keeps you competitive in today’s ever changing music marketplace. I strongly recommend the online Musician’s Atlas!”

C. Michael BraeCEO/ChairmanHitman Records, Inc – MP4Player

“Pegged as the ‘The Ultimate Music Industry Resource’, The Musician’s Atlas is an invaluable tool for any artist, regardless of the intensity of their involvement in the music world. This compendium is a terrific piece of work.”

Music Beat

“The Musician’s Atlas is suited for MI store customers who want to book their own gigs, promote their music, seek industry contacts and pursue networking opportunities. Professional contacts listed in the Atlas are available for the first time to the consumer marketplace.”

Musical Merchandise Review

“The Musician’s Atlas is the best resource for anyone in the music business. I highly recommend this to everyone!”

Madalyn SklarFounderGoGirlsMusic.com

“The Atlas is one of the most indispensable tools I can think of, right up there with the portable phone and gas credit card.”

Ricky StevensThree Kids Music

“I’m a full-time touring musician and have used the Musician’s Atlas for every tour, every time.”

Christine LeDouxNashville, TN

“I can only say, ‘Wow, wow, wow’ – The Musician’s Atlas is great! A must have for every musician.”

Ray TurullArtist

“Thanks for providing a resource with accurate information at a really affordable price.”

Caren StilesArtist

“The Musician’s Atlas is definitely a must have for any musician, producer, engineer, project manager etc… I keep mine handy at all times. You never know when you will need it.”

Brian JenkinsProducer/EngineerLos Angeles

“The  Atlas is one of the best resources I’ve ever found to help me work my musical career. If you’re looking for accurate contact info in the music biz, this is the book! And they keep the price affordable for musicians! Every musician friend I’ve shown it to agrees, this thing is great! The Musician’s Atlas rocks!”

Performing ArtistUSA

“I can’t believe the direct access I have with this book. In less than 2 weeks I’ve secured over a dozen paying gigs.”

Dan KiblerBig Deal/Paradigm Recording Artist

“The Musician’s Atlas is the best resource to come my way in some time. It gives you the details that a lot of other source books leave out.”

Orville DavisPerforming Artist

“The Musician’s Atlas is one of the most complete reference sourcebook I’ve come across yet. It’s indispensable for the working musicians.”

Steve JohnstonHealydisc

“This Atlas is my Bible. It helps me find places to play; and more. The Musician’s Atlas should be in the night table drawer of every hotel room.”

David RoyBand MemberThe Roys

“This book is a must have for anyone in the industry who is trying to get ahead.  I received this book as a Christmas present in 2001. By the end of February 2002, I was offered a songwriter’s publishing contract with a division of Warner Bros./Warner-Chappel (which I found listed in the 2002 Musician’s Atlas). Every contact you could ever need is here. The price is definitely right (and worth it)”

Jimmy RolandLos Angeles, CA

“The Musician’s Atlas is quickly becoming the essential directory for musicians who are doing something about their careers.”

Derek SiversPresidentCDBABY.com

“A clear concise and comprehensive tool for the all-too-often business shy musician.”

Modern Drummer

“The Musician’s Atlas sets a new standard. It is an indispensable reference guide for the working musician.”

Tom Menrath

“The Musician’s Atlas is an invaluable resource to serious gigging musicians around the country.”

Carolyn Ballen

“The Musician’s Atlas provides more practical, music-related information than any other publication of its kind.”

The Aquarian Weekly

“The Musician’s Atlas sets a new standard. It is an indispensable reference guide for the working musician.”

Michael LaskowTAXI

“The Musician’s Atlas sets a new standard. It is an indispensable reference guide for the working musician.”

Jill OverlowCAD Microphones

“The Musician’s Atlas delivers integral, up-to-date information that is useful for every professional connected to the music business.”

Jude HiblerOwnerJazz Link Enterprises

“We’ve had a GREAT response from the Atlas. We use it a lot.”

Joseph NicolettiPresidentCreative Network/Nicoletti Music Co

“This was the first guide I looked at that had a listing of clubs. As I play in a local blues band in Ohio I thought I would check out the club section in my state. The biggest city I live near is Cleveland. I was greeted with a full page of listings. Not only did it have listings for Cleveland, it had some listings for nearby cities such as Akron, and Lorain.

Now I have played a blues club in Cleveland called “Fat Fish Blue” (I’ve also been “banned” from that club, but that’s another issue .) and I wanted to check the information in the guide against reality. It was here that I was 100% completely blown away. Not only do they give you the typical information (address, phone, and genre), they had contact names, what days are best to call, if a P.A. and engineer were provided, the money arrangement (door percentage, etc), how far in advance they book, and everything else you need to know about the club (example Fat Fish blue has open mic night on Tuesdays). Looking at another club that recently changed their name; I was surprised to see the Atlas had the new name.

Half the battle of booking is chasing the booking agent at the club. Looking at this page in amazement I thought “My God, they’ve done all the foot work.” As I have played this club, I can verify the data is accurate.

As I glanced through the rest of the Atlas I could see where the level of detail didn’t shrink. When I looked at “College Radio” section I again found them listed by state, and city. Not only did the College Radio station list the station, but also booking venues near the college. This was very cool.

With the number of listings along with the detail and accuracy of the listings, the Musician’s Atlas is an obvious tool that no band should without.”

ArtistOhio, USA

“The Musician’s Atlas is an invaluable resource for the independent musician and record label executive. I use it extensively in all of my music business education courses at New York University and Ramapo College. The categories and contact listings are very comprehensive and assist my students when creating business, marketing and publicity campaigns. And each year, they add something new! It is well worth the small dollar investment as compared to most other directories out there.”

Shirley WashingtonAssistant DirectorMusic Business Program, New York University